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Nobody Ever Reached Me About My Problem
I own the Outcast Jr and the UAT unit. I love my outcast jr ...
1 By OmarV
04:15PM, May 21, 2012
outcast short battery life?
My speaker is maybe 2 years old now. Love it. However the ...
1 By OmarV
05:55PM, May 08, 2012
iCast transmitter fault
Hi, My transmitter has stopped working. There is a blue ...
5 By OmarV
06:52PM, Apr 17, 2012
Crackles, pops, and dropouts
Have Outcast Jr and UAT that have worked for years, but now ...
4 By OmarV
05:11PM, Mar 20, 2012
Battery replacement
I would be very grateful if anybody could inform me where to...
1 By OmarV
04:50PM, Mar 19, 2012
iTunes 10.5.3 steaming problems to Outcast
G'day folks, Only new to the awesome world of Outcast now...
11 By OmarV
04:59PM, Feb 20, 2012
SurroundCast Receiver Power Pack is Dead
I've used the contact form on this web site. I've called the...
1 By OmarV
04:51PM, Feb 06, 2012
icast not working with iphone
Hi - I have 2 "iphone 4" cell phones, both have pandora, bot...
3 By OmarV
08:28PM, Jan 05, 2012
Canadian Customer
We purchased a Soundcast Outcast Speaker with the iCast Tran...
4 By OmarV
06:39PM, Dec 20, 2011
what a pity: 2011 model (top/control panel) do turns yellow in the sun
hi there we have the 2011 model (white) for our B&B; in th...
0 By EmelL
04:56AM, Aug 30, 2011
Not enough LFE gain for SubCast
I just installed my Soundcast SubCast today. I am having so...
1 By OmarV
09:08AM, Jun 20, 2011
Random thumping noise from Sub
My wireless subcast works great EXCEPT that my subwoofer emi...
2 By GaryN
10:09AM, May 17, 2011
Outcast Volume problems
The volume level with my 18 month old Outcast can no longer ...
1 By OmarV
09:20AM, Mar 21, 2011
Outcast Transmitter / Receiver Problem??
I have had my outcast since early 2009, bought whilst living...
3 By OmarV
02:23PM, Jan 10, 2011
iCast Transmitter Problem
Hi, I'm having a problem wtih the iCast transmitter. The...
2 By OmarV
10:43AM, Nov 02, 2010
Battery Pack
Do you know where I can get an extra battery pack for the ou...
1 By OmarV
10:15AM, Sep 01, 2010
UAT + Outcast Jr Question...
Not sure if I'm connecting it right. 1. When I had conne...
1 By OmarV
09:31AM, Aug 04, 2010
Outcast hits Australia
Hi folks, Marcus from Perth, Western Australia (home of The ...
4 By PeterL
01:58AM, Aug 01, 2010
Distorted Sound
I just got my Soundcast Outcast Jr about 3 weeks ago and I'm...
1 By OmarV
05:17PM, Jul 08, 2010
Outcast just stopped working, less than 1 year old
I really enjoyed my Outcast, as I bought it last June for us...
3 By TedH
07:58AM, Jun 20, 2010
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