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Subject: Outcast Volume problems
Author: ChrisB (11:27AM, Mar 12, 2011 - last edited 11:27AM, Mar 12, 2011)
The volume level with my 18 month old Outcast can no longer reach the upper limits it used to. At present we can only get about 30% of the volume we used to get.
Any suggestions?
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Subject: re: Outcast Volume problems
Author: OmarV (09:20AM, Mar 21, 2011)

I replied to you with an email last week but I haven't heard from you yet. This is what I wrote:

"Are you using the wireless functionality or the Aux Input directly on the speaker?
Are you using the same iPod, same cable, same song and same transmitter to make your comparison?
I have the suspicion you might be using the mini jack input on the speaker and there might be an internal damage on the mini jack".

Let me know if you need further assistance, you can email me at [email protected]

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