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Subject: Distorted Sound
Author: ChrisT (02:45PM, Jul 08, 2010)
I just got my Soundcast Outcast Jr about 3 weeks ago and I'm noticing the back speakers are playing louder, but they're playing bass notes and it sounds distorted at low volumes. I use the speaker for my personal training business.
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Subject: re: Distorted Sound
Author: OmarV (05:17PM, Jul 08, 2010)
Hi Chris,

How are you using your unit? Are you connecting your music player directly into the auxiliary input or transmitting the music wirelessly with iCast Transmitter?
The only circumstances that can cause the problem you're describing are these:

1. The cable connected to the auxiliary input is making a bad contact causing the audio to sound incomplete or distorted.

2. Your music source is set to a very high volume and this causes your unit to sound distorted even at low volume levels.

3. Your audio files are distorted or are defective (low quality files)

4. Your iPod is not installed firmly on the dock

Check on the things mentioned above and if you’re still having problems call technical support.
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