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Subject: UAT + Outcast Jr Question...
Author: ChrisT (12:56PM, Aug 03, 2010)
Not sure if I'm connecting it right.

1. When I had connected with the aux cable it was lit green and when the volume got higher it flashed blue.

2. With the UAT connected it is blue and when the volume gets higher it flashes green.

Is this right?

Also had another question. I was able to hook the speaker up to my tv with an aux to rca cable. Can I do this with the UAT? I want to use my outcast jr as a wireless rear surround sound speaker as well.

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Subject: re: UAT + Outcast Jr Question...
Author: OmarV (09:31AM, Aug 04, 2010 - last edited 11:14AM, Aug 04, 2010)

When you connect an audio cable to Junior’s Aux input the wireless operation gets disabled and in consequence the LED remains green. When the unit is connected wirelessly to its transmitter the LED changes to blue. Regarding the flashing that’s normal and which color flashes first depends on the point of view.
To answer your question about the UAT, the answer is yes you can connect the UAT to your TV and send the audio to your Junior, as long as your audio outputs have a good signal level you will be able to successfully hear the audio content from your surround channels. Now, if you have 2 Juniors you can set each one to play in Right only and Left only mode correspondingly to have a channel separation. Note that none of our speakers were optimized for surround sound as they have powerful woofers and mid-high range speakers to bring you the highest full bandwidth quality audio but you can certainly use them for an application like this too.
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