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Subject: Canadian Customer
Author: SharonA (08:25AM, Oct 12, 2011 - last edited 08:26AM, Oct 12, 2011)
We purchased a Soundcast Outcast Speaker with the iCast Transmitter from Electronics For Less in Ontario Canada. At that time the warranty for both units was 2 years and this is also stated in our manuals. After one month of use the battery pack started to overheat while charging & would not hold a charge. Electronics For Less exchanged the speaker for a new one. We noticed they gave us an older model but it worked so we didn't complain. A year later the input/output audio jack stopped working. Soundcast said to contact the distributor which is Erikson Consumer. Erikson Consumer advised us to take it to Ontario Audio Service for repair under warranty. Ontario Audio has had our speaker for 3 weeks trying to get a part from Soundcast. Now our iCast transmitter has stopped working due to a piece that is broken on the metal connector in the dock where the ipod connects. We have called Erikson Consumer but the person who handles this is very busy and has not returned our call. So as of today we have a broken Outcast speaker sitting at Ontario Audio and a broken iCast transmitter that we don't know how to repair. We also sent Soundcast an email but have not heard back. As a Canadian customer, we are not impressed with the customer service on this product.
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Subject: re: Canadian Customer
Author: OmarV (09:08AM, Oct 12, 2011)
Sharon, I'm sorry to hear that you had gone through all this trouble. International customers need to go through their local distributors to get the help from them and I understand that sometimes there are situations they can not help with in the short term. We'll try to help you, please send us an email with your phone number, your speaker's model and serial number and your transmitter's model and serial number too. Thanks.
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Subject: re: Canadian Customer
Author: SharonA (10:58AM, Oct 12, 2011)
Omar, I sent the information you requested by e-mail. Hopefully we can get these issues resolved as the speaker/transmitter are fantastic when working! Look forward to hearing from you.
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Subject: Canadian Customer
Author: SharonA (02:22PM, Dec 20, 2011)
Hi Omar
Last week we received a new tall Outcast speaker and transmitter from the distributor in Ontario under warranty. The sales rep was very helpful! Now after using our speaker a few times we are having new problems. When we turn on the speaker the green light comes on but nothing else on the unit works. The blue light is on the transmitter. The green light on the speaker does not change to blue and none of the buttons on the speaker work even with the green light on. I disconnected the battery for a while which fixed the problem for a couple days but now I'm facing the same problem again. Not sure if it is in sleep mode and having problems waking up! I once again have the battery unplugged. Is the unit defective?
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Subject: re: Canadian Customer
Author: OmarV (06:39PM, Dec 20, 2011)

OutCast has 2 LEDs, 1 that indicates the unit is charging (it turns on solid red) and 1 that indicates the unit is powered (showing a green light) and also indicates when the unit is linked wirelessly to the transmitter (it changes from green to blue). Please note: When the unit is not linked to the transmitter wirelessly, none of the navigation buttons will work.
In the other hand, the iCast transmitter has 2 LEDs, the one on the left indicates power, while the one on the right side indicates there’s a wireless link established with the speaker.

Here’s a troubleshooting guide for you, please check all these points and follow the recommendations:

If the LED on the OutCast is not turning blue do the following:

1. Check and see if the channel on the speaker matches the channel on the transmitter (put both on number 1 for example).
2. Make sure you’re not getting interference from other wireless devices
a) If you have a wireless router, make sure Soundcast products are not in close proximity (leave at least 3ft in between devices).
As an alternative, if you have a dual band router that can transmit in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, switch it 5GHz as Soundcast products work in the 2.4GHz band. This will clean the environment a little (RF wise) and will improve Soundcast products transmission.
b) Make sure the transmitter is not inside an enclosure, especially if it’s metallic or made out of thick materials.
A good practice is to install it on an elevated spot to improve the signal transmission path.
c) Avoid blocking objects on the speaker and transmitter ends including massive bodies of water (like a fish tank) and concrete walls.
d) Don’t put other wireless devices (including other products from Soundcast) next to your transmitter as they could interact and block the transmission.
3. Make sure you’re not running another transmitter on the same channel as this one will compete with the other one causing an intermittent connection or no connection at all.
4. Don’t link more than 2 speakers to 1 single transmitter (that is if you’re using products from the standard line, also called “1.2”)

Note: If you have an iPhone compatible transmitter (model ICT-111A), make sure you turn on the speaker first and then the transmitter as this type of transmitter goes into sleep mode after 20 seconds if it doesn’t find any speaker to connect to. So, if you have an iPhone plugged in the transmitter’s dock but you take more than 20 seconds to power your speaker, the transmitter will be already in sleep mode and the devices won’t link at all. To wake up the transmitter simply unplug the iPhone and plug it back in the dock. You should see both devices (speaker and transmitter) linking after a couple seconds.

If none of these recommendations are working for you, please contact Soundcast at 619-591-0126 ext. 3033 or 3034


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