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Outcast Stopped Working
Out of the blue, my Outcast stopped working. All of the cont...
0 By CraigM
07:43AM, Nov 24, 2010
iCast Transmitter Problem
Hi, I'm having a problem wtih the iCast transmitter. The...
2 By OmarV
10:43AM, Nov 02, 2010
Battery Pack
Do you know where I can get an extra battery pack for the ou...
1 By OmarV
10:15AM, Sep 01, 2010
UAT + Outcast Jr Question...
Not sure if I'm connecting it right. 1. When I had conne...
1 By OmarV
09:31AM, Aug 04, 2010
Outcast hits Australia
Hi folks, Marcus from Perth, Western Australia (home of The ...
4 By PeterL
01:58AM, Aug 01, 2010
Distorted Sound
I just got my Soundcast Outcast Jr about 3 weeks ago and I'm...
1 By OmarV
05:17PM, Jul 08, 2010
Please honor your warranty
Customer service, Omar, Mal: Please honor your warranty a...
0 By TedH
05:32PM, Jun 21, 2010
Outcast just stopped working, less than 1 year old
I really enjoyed my Outcast, as I bought it last June for us...
3 By TedH
07:58AM, Jun 20, 2010
Did I get a lemon?
Received my Outcast about two weeks ago, and after just two ...
4 By SamC
01:48PM, Jun 16, 2010
what the hell!
got my outcast jr home. Opened the box and.... http://www.f...
0 By ScottO
03:23PM, May 02, 2010
OutCast and White Noise
I've had my Outcast for about 6 months or so and haven't had...
1 By OmarV
09:49AM, Mar 01, 2010
OutCast out performs!
I don't know about anybody else but I'm amped on the OutCast...
1 By MalH
02:32PM, Dec 22, 2008
Outcast features need a. It
Well, first of all I love the sound that the outcast creates...
11 By MalH
10:05AM, Jul 28, 2009
UAT and Wifi
We just bought a UAT and iCast receiver, and it truly is int...
1 By OmarV
10:57AM, Dec 07, 2009
Spare parts
Hi, I've just purchased an outcast and I can tell that I am...
1 By PatrickC
11:55PM, Nov 27, 2009
Outcast lacks simple features
Well, first of all I love the sound that the outcast creates...
1 By OmarV
05:46PM, Nov 10, 2009
Repeater idea needed
Has anyone figured out how to daisy chain transmitters as to...
1 By MalH
04:16PM, Oct 09, 2009
iPod Panic mode while docked in iCast Transmitter
I'm occasionally getting strange behaviour out of my iPod to...
2 By OmarV
09:56AM, Aug 07, 2009
Not seeing each other!!!!! Flashing Blue Light
Had mine for a year, no probs........ then it stops in middl...
3 By MarcusP
06:34PM, Aug 04, 2009
WiFi disabling on iPod Touch
As soon as I dock my iPod Touch the WiFi connection breaks a...
1 By OmarV
10:40AM, Jul 29, 2009
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