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Subject: UAT and Wifi
Author: ElbertL (10:47AM, Dec 06, 2009)
We just bought a UAT and iCast receiver, and it truly is interference-free, as advertised. However, it wreaks havoc with our wifi. It significantly slows down our web surfing and general internet access.

Is there a solution for this? We are trying to determine whether to keep or return our purchase.
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Subject: re: UAT and Wifi
Author: OmarV (10:57AM, Dec 07, 2009)

Most of our customers don't have this problem; however some wi-fi systems turn out to be somehow weak and can't sustain a fixed data transfer or even a connection to wireless computers at the presence of other wireless systems. The reasons are simple to explain. Our products work in the 2.4GHz bandwidth along with many cordless phones and microwave ovens. Routers and most WiFi devices such as Blue Tooth operate in a very small portion of this band and frequently they do not have the capability to filter out random signals from other devices. Here are some suggestions for you.
- Try to move your Soundcast equipment at least 3 feet away away from your wi-fi devices. Generally this works, but you'll have to experiment since this is situational and depends on some variables in each application.
- Make your network private so that you can minimize the number of computers that can connect to your network, this should improve the connection strength.
- Set your network devices in a different way; relocate components, use different USB and/or physical network ports always trying to avoid close proximity to Soundcast devices.
- Look for other signals that can be interfering. The problem could be related not only to 1 single wireless system in the air, it is the summation of several wireless signals what can be causing this problem. If you already had some wireless traffic in your area, adding 1 more device will be critical for your wi-fi; try to locate those other wireless sources and disconnect the ones you don’t need or at least re-accommodate them in a different way. If your neighbors have wireless products this could account for the problem too.
- Another possibility is that your router may not have the filtering capability referred to above. We have done our very best to be compatible with everything else in the band and as outlined above, sometimes it is the other end that is the issue. .

These are some ideas and we hope they’re useful for you.
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