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Few things for an already great product
Few things to look at to improve the future of the soundcast...
0 By BradA
10:42PM, Apr 16, 2012
Headphone reciever
I would like a 3.4 version wireless belt clamp receiver It w...
0 By PatrickG
12:25AM, Jan 15, 2012
Pro sound applications
I have owned my audiocast set since 8/30/07 and use them fo...
1 By OmarV
08:48AM, Mar 25, 2011
Would you choose Windows or Linux Hosting
very good topic, nice to be here. i bring you high quality n...
0 By LxxS
06:56PM, Nov 02, 2010
airport and itunes compatibility
This would be great to find the Outcast directly in the mult...
1 By TedH
09:31AM, Aug 10, 2010
Any color variations planned?
I've been selling the Outcast for almost a year now, and the...
2 By EdP
08:32AM, Jun 12, 2010
Wireless surround?
Cool, I get the first post! First off, I love your produc...
4 By MichaelW
08:38AM, Dec 29, 2008
Surround speaker setup
The most asked for item I've come accross is the need for cu...
0 By MannyK
09:42PM, Dec 30, 2009
Other MP3 Players
I saw this product for the first time yesterday (Saturday) a...
2 By ChrisL
03:40PM, Dec 19, 2009
speaker control and compatability
Will the outcast be able to play music from your dvd player...
1 By OmarV
05:54PM, Nov 10, 2009
iCast Transmitter
I sold a SpeakerCast system to a client who has a stereo sys...
1 By OmarV
05:54PM, Nov 10, 2009
As great as the OutCast sounds, improvements could be made. ...
1 By OmarV
05:48PM, Nov 10, 2009
So where is the portable sub box.
Hi Firstly great product. Liked it that much i bought tw...
1 By OmarV
05:48PM, Nov 10, 2009
Power management
I have yet to purchase one of these, but I'm in the market f...
1 By OmarV
05:47PM, Nov 10, 2009
Shelf for ipod and carry bag
Got my Outcast on Friday and love it. Two things I would ...
1 By MarcusP
10:51PM, Jun 22, 2009
Curious about Design Decision?
Why no headphone jack on the Outcast? Seems such a logical a...
1 By OmarV
11:00AM, Jun 16, 2009
won't buy outcast without infrared remote
will there be a 2009 version of the outcast with infrared re...
1 By MalH
04:59PM, May 11, 2009
Long range transmission
We have a 10 acre property with places dotted around where p...
1 By MalH
05:40PM, Apr 20, 2009
Marketing the Outcast
It would be a huge help if Soundcast produced a 5-10 second ...
1 By MalH
02:48PM, Feb 26, 2009
Stereo Transmitter
I understand the limitations that you currently had to deal ...
1 By MalH
03:10PM, Dec 22, 2008
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