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Subject: OutCast
Author: DennisP (02:47PM, May 28, 2009)
As great as the OutCast sounds, improvements could be made.
In some locations - i.e. in corners of walls or even indoors in some rooms, the mid bass is a bit excessive. Given the low cost of digital eq these days, having a digital parametric eq built in would be a plus. 5 or 6 parametric bands would be enough.
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Subject: re: OutCast
Author: OmarV (05:48PM, Nov 10, 2009)
Keep in mind that the OutCast is designed principally for outdoor use. As such, bass is the primary audio issue that we wanted to achieve, since it disappears quickly in the great outdoors. We realize that OutCast is used indoors and so we can only recommend that it is placed away from walls to minimize the reflections and boominess that it will present in these situations. Unfortunately we don’t have plans to add an EQ to the existing OutCast not only for cost reasons but because as mentioned above, its primary design is for outdoor applications and this would be superfluous. One simple approach we would recommend would be to set the iPOD’s EQ to match your likes, that usually it’s helpful enough for most customers. If you’re using other external audio source you’ll have to make the sound adjustments directly in your source.
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