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Subject: iCast Transmitter
Author: DennisP (02:43PM, May 28, 2009)
I sold a SpeakerCast system to a client who has a stereo system on the main floor and the SpeakerCast speaker upstairs.
The iPod dock that comes with the SpeakerCast system is near the stereo system and transmitts the iPod signal, or whatever is playing on his stereo,
to the SpeakerCast speaker.
He would also like to play the iPod through the stereo system, but the iCast transmitter/iPod dock does not have an output for that purpose.

SoundCast should really consider adding a line output to their iCast Transmitter/Dock for this purpose.
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Subject: re: iCast Transmitter
Author: OmarV (05:54PM, Nov 10, 2009)
The icast mini jack works as an input and also as an output. This functionality helps most of our customers, however in your case won’t work as you have the need to connect audio to and also from the transmitter and there’s only 1 mini jack on the iCast transmitter.
What I recommend in a case like this is setting up an audio server using the UAT and iTunes. If your client has an iPOD he probably has all the same music in his iTunes library. Using the UAT will allow you to send all the music wirelessly to the OutCast and control all the functions. If you want to hear the music from iTunes on the home stereo, UAT has a mini jack output that can be used for this purpose. By having UAT and iCast transmitter you provide 2 audio sources to choose from (iTunes Library or Music from the home stereo system) and you can freely select your choice using the OutCast switch. You could even add a 3rd audio source using one more additional transmitter.
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