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Subject: Long range transmission
Author: FrankP (03:41PM, Apr 16, 2009)
We have a 10 acre property with places dotted around where people wander when we entertain. These are up to 200m from the house. We are surrounded by properties many much larger. One article I read says that transmision may only be 40m in some cases. Do you have any plans to extend the range , possibly using transponders. It would be great to be able to set up the ipod play list and drop half a doxen speakers around the property.
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Subject: re: Long range transmission
Author: MalH (05:40PM, Apr 20, 2009)
Soundcast products work up to 350 feet away (100 meters). The determining factors will be (a) the amount of metal that might be between the transmitter and the receiver (outcast) and (b) if there is an extensive amount of RF noise. In general in outdoor settings we are seeing upwards of 200-250 feet on average. Where it is attentuated there is either quite a bit of steel, a large body of water (pool) or some other mitigating factor.

With respect to transponders etc, there is a way!!! You can transmit from one iCast transmitter to an iCast receiver and then rebroadcast through a second transmitter to the unit. BUT...Soundcast transmitters can support only two receivers at a time. So you could conceivably have three OutCast working on your property and get close to your idea. There are limitations on the technology that we are working through. There is no guarantee the above will work in your circumstances but we have seen this done successfully.
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