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External antenna
Would it be possible to add an external antenna port to the ...
1 By OmarV
09:05AM, Nov 11, 2009
Airport Express/Air Tunes Plus Outcast Jr.
Just got my Outcast Jr. working this afternoon, thanks to a ...
1 By OmarV
09:04AM, Nov 11, 2009
Cleaning the OutCast
I love this speaker and always receive compliments from frie...
1 By OmarV
09:02AM, Nov 11, 2009
Two UATs connected to same PC?
I didn't see this question addressed specifically in the ins...
1 By OmarV
09:01AM, Nov 11, 2009
I recently finished ripping my CD collection to Apple Lossle...
1 By BobJ
08:58AM, Oct 06, 2009
Product Updates?
Can you please provide an availability status on the "new" T...
4 By OmarV
04:37PM, Aug 11, 2009
Sonos ZP80 and Speakercast + Outcast
This looks a great product I want to use a wireless sonos...
1 By OmarV
10:27AM, Jul 28, 2009
Outcast and Apple Airport Express
My Outcast is awesome -- superb. In lieu of using the Sou...
1 By TedH
08:46AM, Jul 02, 2009
Mulitiple recievers
How many recievers (outcast, Jr, speakercast, etc.) can you ...
1 By OmarV
11:17AM, Jun 04, 2009
Soundcast Outcast and Squeezebox Duet Compatibility
I would like to purchase the outcast system and use it with ...
1 By OmarV
02:40PM, May 14, 2009
Using an Outcast with a mic
I have a friend who has just become a celebrant. She saw my ...
1 By OmarV
11:25AM, Apr 22, 2009
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