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Subject: Using an Outcast with a mic
Author: MarcusP (06:39PM, Apr 21, 2009)
I have a friend who has just become a celebrant. She saw my Outcast and thinks it would be perfect to take with her to weddings, etc. She thought it would be great if she could use it with a microphone as well as for music, so I got a (cheap) mic to test it with. Though it does transmit, it does so at a very low volume. My question is would there be any benefit in investing in a mic pre-amp to boost the signal?
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Subject: re: Using an Outcast with a mic
Author: OmarV (11:25AM, Apr 22, 2009 - last edited 11:16AM, Jun 04, 2009)
There are 2 different options for this application.

The first one would include an iPOD docked to the iCast TX and a basic high output microphone (like a crystal microphone which is based on piezoelectricity) connected to the Auxiliary input on the rear panel. The music will play normally and when the microphone needs to be used, the iPOD would have to be removed from the dock, otherwise the microphone signal will be attenuated and it will sound very low, maybe that’s the problem your friend is experiencing, or maybe the microphone she’s using is not suitable for this application. Once the iPOD is removed the mic should sound louder, but you won’t have background music. This is an inelegant but effective way to use the system for this purpose.

A better option for an application like this would be getting a small mixer that can be used to connect multiple audio sources as well as a professional grade microphone. Just connect the line level output of the mixer to the auxiliary input of the iCast TX. This should work nicely as mixers have their own pre amps and if a good microphone is used the setup should work perfectly and your friend will be able to talk on the mic and at the same time have background music at a volume that she can control. You can find pretty good audio mixers of reasonably compact size these days that even have an iPOD dock

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