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Sonos and Soundcast
Has anyone used their Outcast with Sonos. I have my soundca...
4 By OmarV
03:50PM, Jun 26, 2012
no blue light on reciber
I all, i have a problem with mi transmitter, it charges the ...
7 By OmarV
04:06PM, Jun 19, 2012
Wireless not working on Outcast
I'm looking at buying an Outcast on ebay from an audio retai...
0 By MarkR
07:37PM, Jun 08, 2012
I recently purchased an Outcast Speaker which came with an i...
6 By JohnD
08:36PM, May 31, 2012
Can the ipod touch when used in the iCast able to change cha...
1 By OmarV
07:50PM, May 22, 2012
SubCast Receiver
Your product specs states that each transmitter can support ...
5 By OmarV
04:28PM, May 15, 2012
Will any transmitter with work with any soundcast? Are some...
4 By OmarV
03:51PM, Apr 27, 2012
Spare PCB parts
Hi, I've got an Outcast and I have a problem with the 3.5...
1 By OmarV
10:59PM, Mar 23, 2012
Delay in signal
Hi, I just got the SpeakerCast and the iCast transmitter. I ...
3 By OmarV
05:52PM, Feb 21, 2012
SurroundCast No Blue Light
I've had SurroundCast running for about 2 years ... no probl...
0 By ChrisW
01:45PM, Feb 11, 2012
UAT Power Supply
Hi there, I would like to run an external audio device (p...
1 By OmarV
08:04PM, Jan 23, 2012
UAT compatibility with Outcast Speaker
I have an Outcast speaker purchased in the United Arab Emira...
1 By OmarV
10:40PM, Jan 18, 2012
Hi all, I have an OutCast Jr. with iCast transmitter conn...
1 By OmarV
07:17PM, Dec 19, 2011
SubCast LFE Connection Transmitter
I just received my SubCast kit. I am at work so I haven't y...
1 By OmarV
12:17PM, Nov 09, 2011
Just installed ... weak signal
Just got my outcast and love the audio quality, but having t...
8 By OmarV
09:43AM, Oct 31, 2011
blue light flash
hi i have a soundcast (outcast) in both system (tx and rx ...
5 By OmarV
08:42AM, Oct 19, 2011
Soundcast Compatability With Audssey 2EQ?
I am planning to use the Surroundcast system for rear speake...
0 By RobertG
08:17PM, Sep 09, 2011
Soundcast UAT & iCast recievers
I have recently set up a UAT (using the phono inputs) to tra...
0 By AntonyR
08:11AM, Aug 26, 2011
Flashing Blue Light on the Surround Cast Transmitter
I've had my SurroundCast transmitter/receiver for just over ...
2 By RobH
03:52PM, Aug 22, 2011
iCast & iPad
I have an iCast that came with a Caldera spa. Would this iC...
1 By OmarV
10:08AM, Aug 01, 2011
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