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Subject: External antenna
Author: MichaelC (12:57PM, Jul 17, 2009)
Would it be possible to add an external antenna port to the iCast Transmitter or the UAT? I need the ability to transmit through exterior concrete walls to reach the OutCast outside. The ability to utilize a high gain directional antenna similar to what can be used in WAPs would be ideal in this situation.
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Subject: re: External antenna
Author: OmarV (09:05AM, Nov 11, 2009)
Unfortunately there’s no way to add antenna extensions to our products as the actual length of the antenna was calculated to make the transmitters and receivers work properly.
An idea would be to transmit from your iCast TX to an iCast RX, then take the audio from this receiver and connect it to a second transmitter. It would be kind of like a repeater, just make sure you set TX 1 to one channel and TX 2 to a different channel. Set the OutCast to the channel of this last transmitter and that’s all.
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