SpeakerCast Tabletop System with MultiCast +iCast Tx

  • 60 Watt Wireless 2.4GHz Stereo Indoor Speaker System.
  • Includes iCast 3.4 MultiCast transmitter with built-in charging iPod dock, Power Supply, power cord & connecting cables.
  • Utilizes new firmware with "rapid track" feature when used with MultiCast iCast transmitter.

Note: This system works exclusively with the MultiCast 3.4 line of products and is not compatible with 1.2 (2 zone) products.

Includes iCast 3.4 Transmitter

Works with UAT 3.4 Transmitter for PC/Mac

Purchase the OutCast 3.4 line exclusively from-
- ListenUp High Definition Sight & Sound
- World Wide Stereo
- Modia Home Theater Stores

SpeakerCast with iCast 3.4 Transmitter   $549.99