OutCast Speaker System with MultiCast + iCast Transmitter.

Whole-house performance audio with no wires to run – It’s wireless, it’s movable and it is awesomeYou’ll be able to easily and affordably access and enjoy your favorite music in 4 separate areas of your home or business – inside and outdoors too! The smart system allows 3-Source music selection and control for your iPod/iPhone personal music library, Pandora®, iTunes®, Radio, HD Radio®, Cable Music, and even legacy audio sources from the receivers’ zone 2 output – then it simultaneously distributes the music to each listening area equipped with Soundcast 3.4 capable products.

You’ll be quite surprised by the OutCast 3.4’s magical performance as it transmits interference free 2.4 GHz signals long-range1 through walls, doors, floors, ceilings and roofs allowing you to enjoy rich multi-directional uninterrupted sound anywhere and anytime.

And if you should ever need to move or relocate, it’s simple – the entire system packs up and moves with you.

  • 100 Watt, 2.4GHz wireless stereo speaker system.
  • Includes iCast 3.4 MultiCast transmitter with built-in charging. iPod dock, Power Supply, 24V rechargeable battery, power cord.
  • Includes new firmware with left-right channel capability & "rapid track" features when used with MultiCast iCast transmitter.
  • For use in four - receiver UAT or iCast transmitter applications.

Note: This system works exclusively with the MultiCast 3.4 line of products. and is NOT compatible with the 1.2 (2-zone) products

Includes iCast 3.4 Transmitter

Works with UAT 3.4 Transmitter for PC/Mac

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Purchase the OutCast 3.4 line exclusively from-
- ListenUp High Definition Sight & Sound
- World Wide Stereo
- Modia Home Theater Stores

without iCast 3.4 Transmitter ICO410-4N $1,099.99
with iCast 3.4 Transmitter ICO411-4N $1,199.99