UAT 3.4 - Turn Your Computer into a Wireless Music Server

Imagine, UAT as the invisible wire that connects your computer to any OutCast speaker system allowing you to enjoy your personal music indoors and outdoors.

You’ll be quite surprised by its magical performance as it transmits interference free 2.4 GHz signals up to 300’ through walls, floors, doors and ceilings.

UAT works with all the major media players including iTunes, RealPlayer, Windows and internet radio stations.

The UAT’s 41-channel transmitter operates over the 2.4GHz radio band, instantly jumping to open channels to avoid interference from microwaves, routers and other 2.4GHz household devices that jam other wireless signals.

Note: This system works exclusively with the MultiCast 3.4 line of products and is NOT compatible with our 1.2 (2 zone) products.

Universal AudioCast Transmitter SKU: UAT250US $229.99