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Add Bluetooth to any OutCast Speaker

The OutCast BlueCast makes it easier than ever to access your music. Simply dock the
BlueCast Bluetooth Receiver into either the OutCast or OutCast Junior* to access your music
on the go while maintaining weatherproof seal. Compatible with any Bluetooth audio source:
iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Windows Phones, tablets, netbooks and more.

You can stream music from your personal collection or a wide variety of Apps including
Rhapsody®, TuneIn®, Pandora© and more. Control you music from your phone then return it
to your pocket to get your boogie on.

Uses Bluetooth’s most recent aptX, AAC specifications for the ultimate in audio in CD Quality
audio now being offered by the latest cutting-edge phones and tablets. With BlueCast and
OutCast, now anybody can be a DJ!

Give your OutCast even more flexibility by adding the convenience of popular Bluetooth

BlueCast only works on the OutCast and OutCast Jr. current “white model” not the older “gray model”,
BlueCast is not compatible with older OutCast or OutCast Jr. with one of the following Serial Numbers:

xxx09xxxxxxx,     xxx08xxxxxxx,     xxx07xxxxxxx

$79.99 excl tax