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Subject: iCast Transmitter Dimensions
Author: BobJ (09:12AM, Aug 06, 2010)
Can someone please post the dock opening dimensions for the iCast Transmitter?

I'm considering purchase but would like to make sure my iTouch with Incipio Silicrylic case will fit.

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Subject: re: iCast Transmitter Dimensions
Author: OmarV (10:42AM, Aug 17, 2010)

iCast Transmitter can hold iPods and iPhones with virtually any protective case. There's enough room in the cradle to accommodate the device with no problem. Now, we recommend installing the plastic adapter that comes with every iPod to provide a solid connection with the iCast's connector and avoid applying stress on it. Having said that, what you have to test is the plastic adapter that came with your iPod Touch and see if it fits with your iPod with the protective case installed. If it doesn't you would have to use your iCast Transmitter without the plastic adapter, however we don't recommend this for the reasons explained above.
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