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Subject: Volume
Author: DerekB (06:38AM, Jun 13, 2010)
We use 'remote' and run from itunes - we are new user and love the sound quality. The only limitation seems to be the ability to control the volume remotely - which can be a hassle when you're throwing an event and want to raise/ lower volume without having to walk up to the speaker. Have there been any developments/ new apps, etc. that can be used to control volume? Thanks!
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Subject: re: Volume
Author: OmarV (10:08AM, Jun 14, 2010)
The volume can also be adjusted when you use apple's remote application. My suggestion is setting the OutCast volume to a middle or high level, the windows or mac mixer also to a high level and finally the itunes slider to the highest position. This will represent the highest volume you're going to play your music at, it will be your highest reference.
Now simply control the iTunes volume to the desired level. You can actually play the music very loudly or take it down to zero if you want as the iTunes remote app has the ability to control the iTunes volume slider from 0 to 100%.
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