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Subject: spotty signal
Author: SebastianG (08:24AM, Jun 06, 2010)
Hello, the pool is finally open and I've brought my OutCast by the pool. The transmitter is by my stereo receiver on the main floor and the OutCast is by the pool at the walk out level in the rear of the house. It is no more than 50 feet away from the transmitter and the signal cuts out the most on channel 1 and the least on channel 3 but it still cuts out if someone is standing near the OutCast. The Speaker is alway between the house and the pool. Any suggestions?
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Subject: re: spotty signal
Author: OmarV (09:52AM, Jun 07, 2010)

The strength of the signal depends on several factors. In your case there might be a lot of RF activity around your home. The recommendation is to turn off all the wireless devices you're not using to clean the RF environment a little bit. Second, relocate the transmitter so that it is closer to the speaker making sure there are no big objects in between. Mitigating factors could be metallic walls, massive objects, water and like I said other wireless devices that when combined can break the connection. Sometimes it could be tricky but you'll have to find the best spot doing some trial and error experiments. This varies from case to case obviously. The other thing you could do is get an iCast receiver and a second iCast transmitter to repeat the signal and make it more solid and reliable from a different location. If you keep having problems call us at 1-800- 722-1293.
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