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Subject: Outdoor Wedding
Author: WalterR (09:45AM, May 03, 2010)
I'm having an outdoor wedding on a glacier and I need a sound system. This system will need to produce music when the Bride is walk down the aisle along with Microphone reproduction so the guests (around 100 people) can hear the ceremony. My dilemma is on the glacier I have zero power as generators are not allowed on the glacier. We will have a laptop with us along with a microphone. What setup/product line will work for us?
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Subject: re: Outdoor Wedding
Author: OmarV (04:50PM, May 05, 2010)
Wow! This is a very unusual application; however I think you could accomplish your goal using OutCast. The best way to do this would be connecting a microphone to a mixer and taking the line level audio to connect it to the OutCast, however mixers require power and you don’t have electricity there, so…what you could do is get a decent computer microphone and connect it to the laptop (make sure the laptop output audio level is not too low, you can open the computer’s mixer and set the volume to a good level). Take a mini plug to mini plug cable and connect one end to the headphones output on the computer and the other end to the auxiliary input on the OutCast speaker (be careful and make sure you don’t step on the cord as you could damage your laptop or your OutCast). You’re all set, just make sure to set the volume high enough on the OutCast and make some tests first as the microphone might produce noise if you don’t use it with its foam cover. You may need to test different microphones because the sensitivity could be very different from brand to brand. Try and make your choice based on your preference, keep in mind that a microphone that emphasizes the high frequencies could cause distortion at high volumes when you use it with the OutCast speaker. I strongly recommend doing a “real case scenario” test (in terms of volume) when choosing the microphone you’re going to use. Also, you might need an extension audio cable as typical computer microphones have a short cord. I hope this information helps you.
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