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Subject: Outcast JR & Me @ the Lake House this weekend ;-)
Author: MarkM (01:06PM, May 14, 2009 - last edited 05:13PM, Jul 15, 2009)
Well I'm getting the Outcast Jr & UAT transmitter from my father & mother as a spring/summer gift tomorrow. Going to hook it up this weekend to the TV, radio/CD/Stereo unit, ipod&iPhone; HomeDock Deluxe & the Squeezebox Duet to complete the Lake House Audio/Video electronic reworked/upgraded entertainment system. Cant wait to hook it all up and get the tunes rolling outside wirelessly to the top deck & lower floating sun/boat dock ;-)

Everyone is going to be soooo happy the stereo speakers from inside the house no longer need to be dragged outside the patio doors for me/us/them to have music echoing around outside the house now. My mother found it in a magizine and was impressed with the write-up mostly because of the stated transmittion distance and the fact that it will keep my tunes as far away from her as she wants,lol.

I will update on the installation,sound quality & transmittion distance soon next week.

Installation location @ Lake Burton (Clayton,Georgia) in the North Georgia Mountians.

May 17th - Weekend install update:
Well hard to expressed the full reaction to the Outcast JR totally. BUT, so far great ;-) I installed my Squeezebox Duet output to the UAT and proceeded to do the keep it or return it test. Witch was to see if Outcast JR would transmit both to the floating sun/boat dock and the upper boat house patio/deck area (110ft approx). All went well, so returning Outcast JR is not in the plans. I did get a few drop outs but as stated the unit quickly switched channels and re-grabbed the music stream. As told in an article by ilounge I did experience some slight interference with the squeezebox wi-fi transmition with the UAT's 2.4mhz transmittion, but after moving the UAT around a bit I was able to get 90% clear signal. I'll have to play around with that aspect later this summer.
The sound quality was very impressive, except for a bit to Basie. But I'm sure with some EQ fiddling with my squeezebox this will be eliminated.

As for the rest of the Lake House audio/video hook up and audio transmition quality from them, this will be hopefully completed this coming weekend when I return for the long holiday weekend. I will again return and update my reactions/experiences with the new Outcast JR wireless speaker system.

Update: 5-22 thru 5-24-2009 - All audio imputs from iPod,squeezebox duet connected and working wandefully except the TV audio issue. This I'm thinking is simply due to wiring used from the TV because all other units where wired to a switch box then to the UAT with 18gauge wiring except the TV audio out from its splitter. This will be trouble shot next time to the lake house with 18gauge wire.
A few drop outs in music stream over the weekend but as again stated in the website, the Outcast JR quickly switched channels till the feed was restored. This was cured by either moving the Outcast JR to a slight differant location or not standing infront of the unit in dirrect line of the UAT transmittion.
The only other (non Outcast) issue I had that I was NOT able to figure out or fix was that everytime the home elevator was used, witch is 5 feet from all the electronics, the Squeezebox Duet's audio transmittion would totaly stop ;-( ???
Any ideas on why this is happening, would be greatly accepted.

7-4-2009 : Everyone loves the Outcast JR ;-) its a 100% hit at the lake.
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