Soundcast forms a wireless bridge between an audio source like an MP3 player and an audio sound system - no wires to run, no programming required - it’s the perfect solution to that installation issue that has you stumped.

Soundcast Systems has developed a line of products incorporating a unique 2.4 GHz wireless technology. For years, wireless solutions have been plagued with outside interference from other products using the crowded 2.4GHz band. The Soundcast engineering team has refined our wireless technology to the point where the microwave oven or the cordless phone will not affect the quality of your musical listening experience anywhere in your home. No buzzes, no dropouts, no distortion - just pure clean sound!

Soundcast transmitters can send a full range, high quality wireless audio signal to any point in your home using Soundcast technology as long as the Soundcast receiver is within 100 meters (350+ feet) of the transmitter.

Soundcast solves many of the decorating and installation problems facing the music lover when various devices need a connecting link. Go wireless! Make it easy on yourself - spend your time enjoying the music, not running wires and drilling holes in the walls.

Soundcast Technology - How does it work?

How Soundcast Works

The Challenge
The 2.4GHz ISM band is a worldwide license-free band, which allows any application running on it to operate anywhere in the world, with no location specific modifications required. Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless LAN as well as interferers such as microwave ovens and cordless telephones provide a challenging environment to work in. Any wireless radio solution that intends to provide a stable and robust RF link must overcome this challenge.

The Solution
Spread Spectrum technology is the most effective method of achieving effective communication in the challenging 2.4GHz ISM band. There are two principle ways this can be done: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)—such as used by Bluetooth, and Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum (DSSS)—such as used by 802.11b. Soundcast G2 transceivers use FHSS. Our modules coexist with all 2.4 GHz devices, and, just as important, coexist with additional Soundcast G2 systems. This allows as many as three Soundcast G2 systems to operate in close proximity to each other. By achieving this level of service, wireless audio can now be securely used in high density multi-unit dwellings (MUD).
The Soundcast G2 platform is capable of transmitting excellent quality digital wireless audio up to 13 meters indoors. Our extended range version, G2 ER will transmit up to 45 meters indoors and this is the version we will feature in the initial Soundcast products. The platform also provides the flexibility of being configured as a one transmitter one receiver system or a one transmitter multiple receiver system. Our module, which integrates the RF physical layer, baseband, MAC protocol, audio CODEC, and dynamic error correction functions, is ideal for a wide range of audio products.

The Technology
The Soundcast G2 platform uses advanced error protection techniques to guarantee the quality of service required in streaming audio applications. Hardware forward error correction, adaptive frequency hopping, and dynamic hopping channel diversity are all built into the protocol of the system. The system also supports bi-directional communication for acknowledging and retransmission should packet loss occur.

General Product Description
Soundcast G2 is a complete point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless audio solution. The system digitizes a two channel stereo input signal, sends it across a robust radio frequency link, and then converts it back to a stereo analog signal for use at a remote location. Soundcast G2 with its shorter range is ideal for home theater rear speakers. The G2 ER extended range version is better suited to whole house applications such as remote listening systems and multi room applications such as the iCast. The significant gain with G2 ER in transmission distance provides the user with much more flexibility concerning placement and connectivity.

Key Technical Specifications

  • Data Rate 1.536 Mbps
  • Modulation Frequency Hopping; FSK digital radio
  • Transmission Type Transceiver (Bi-directional)
  • Addressing up to 16-bit dipswitch fixed mating ID mode for Tx/Rx bonding.
  • Co-existence - Impervious to 802.11b and g, microwave oven, both DSSS and FHSS cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices. Up to three Soundcast G2 systems can operate in one general area.
  • Operating Freq. 2400 - 2483 MHz
  • Channel Width 2.0 MHz
  • THD+N 0.07% @ 1 kHz
  • SNR 92.4 dB A-weighted (20 - 20 kHz)
  • Latency 15ms, 20 ms, 32 ms, 64 ms adjustable.
  • Freq. Response 20-20 KHz +/- 1dB
  • Power Cons. Tx: 258mA @ 3.6 V; Rx: 141mA @ 3.6 V. (For G2-ER, TX: 263 mA @ 3.6 V; RX:143 mA)
  • Power supply 6 - 12 VDC.
  • Analog Audio Stereo Line Level (Optional LFE Input Board); Full scale input @1.1 vrms. Full scale output @1.1 vrms +/- 0.25dB
  • Typical Range 13 meters indoors (For G2-ER, 45 meters indoors)
  • Transmitter Power 15 dBm (FCC & ETSI compliant) (For G2-ER, 19 dBm)
  • Operating Temp. 0 to +50C
  • Form Factor 85mm x 41mm x 30mm (For G2-ER: 85mm x 41mm x 35