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1. Which iPods will fit into the iCast transmitter?
mini, Thin 3G/4G/photo under 20GB, Thick 3G/4G/photo over 20GB, nano, iPod with video 30GB, iPod with video 60GB

2. How far does the Soundcast signal transmit?
Approximately 150 feet (45 meters) indoors and over 350 feet (100 meters) outdoors

3. Will the Soundcast signal interfere with my 802.11 network?

4. How many receivers can I use with each transmitter?


5. I want to use two Soundcast systems in my house. Will they interfere with each other?
No, you can use the channel selector switch on the back of each product to make a different channel for each transmitter / receiver pair. Then each receiver will only receive the signal from the transmitter set on the same channel as the receiver.

6. How can I make a four zone system?
You can link two AudioCast transmitters to each other and then connect them to the same resource, such as a computer or MP3 player. Each transmitter will operate two receivers which can be placed in different rooms, creating a total of 4 different zones. See the AudioCast owner’s manual for the details of setting up this type of system.

7. Which frequency range does Soundcast use?
2.4 GHz

8. My iPod is going to be in a different room from my audio system. Can I operate it with my iCast system?
The iCast Receiver has duplicate controls for your iPod. You can use the buttons on the top of the iCast Receiver to control track forward/back, pause and play.

9. Does the iCast Transmitter recharge my iPod when it is the dock?

10. Can I hook up my computer to my iCast Transmitter? I only see a headphone jack on the back.
Yes, first you must remove the iPod from the dock. When the iPod is removed the headphone jack can also be used as an input jack. Using the supplied cables you can connect the audio output of your computer to the headphone jack and the iCast Transmitter will transmit the audio signal from your computer to the iCast Receiver. Please remember that your iCast system is strictly an audio device - IT WILL NOT TRANSMIT VIDEO OR ANY TYPE OF COMPUTER FILE!

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