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  • SubCast Wireless Subwoofer Bridge front
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  • SubCast Wireless Subwoofer Bridge connections

Bass without Boundaries

An exciting alternative to WIRES! SubCasts allows you to make any subwoofer wireless. No programming, no assigning IP addresses, just plug Sub "out" into SubCast transmitter and power it up, then plug Receiver module into Subwoofer inputs and power it up, and Yee Ha, subwoofers can now be placed anywhere in the room. SubCast has a latency adjustment that will put latency at 15Ms. ***************** BIG NOTE: This is actually a full range transmitter - receiver pair. It will transmit 20-20K Hertz and can be used to support full audio, not just Low Frequency Effects. It is marketed as a Sub kit but has many more, very flexible uses. There is latency adjustment to 64Ms for longer range applications.

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Hometheaters Guide

Purchased and evaluated the Soundcast SubCast and have to give it 5 stars +++. Here’s why:

I was looking for a solid, accurate wireless connection for subwoofers not located within cable distance/convenience of the AVR.

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