OutCast Jr.

OutCast Jr
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The Ultimate Outdoor Wireless Speaker's Party Animal Brother

This weather resistant, wireless speaker lets you enjoy rich multi-directional stereo sound anywhere. The system has a broadcast range of up to 350 feet,. Listen to any MP3 player, iPod, computer, home theater, audio system, or your TV by choosing either the iCast transmitter for use with iPods etc, or with the UAT, either of which can be purchased separately. This system is shipped without transmitter so that if you wish to use the UAT or later add a second OutCast Jr. for left and right channel configurations which the system is capable, of you can do so. There is an alternative system that includes the iCast transmitter. The OutCast Jr. system includes a rechargeable battery, charging system, 12volt adapter cable, power cord for direct connection to any outlet, and a 3.5mm line input for direct play. NMh battery allows for 5-9 hours of uninterrupted play.

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T-Break Tech

"The sound produced by the Outcast Junior has to be heard to be believed. In one word, it is incredible. The volume levels should easily be able to provide entertainment up to a 1000 feet in either direction while the bass levels produced had an awesome kick and are sure to impress audiophiles."

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T3 The Gadget Mag..

The ideal garden furniture for this summer has just been announced by Soundcast Systems.

With the Outcast Jr wireless loudspeaker proving not only tough to the outdoor elements, but also extremely pleasing to the ear, with a 100m range...

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