New Products for 2007 (.pdf)

Key Features:

  • Wireless
  • Interference-Free
  • Range up to 350 feet
  • Charges your iPod  (iCast only)
  • Plug & Play - No software needed
  • Works with all music formats and
    players including iTunes 

Each Soundcast system consists of a transmitter and receiver which link wirelessly, using our proprietary 2.4GHz technology to send audio information over distances of up 350 feet.

Each Soundcast transmitter can operate up to two Soundcast receivers, allowing two audio zones to play the same audio source material.

Soundcast systems are not affected by interference for other 2.4GHz devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones or 802.11 networks.

Because Soundcast utilizes the analog output signal of any digital storage device, including MP3 players and personal computers, Soundcast products are compatible with all the currently accepted music file formats, including iTunes™.

Soundcast products are truly “plug and play” with no software installation or lengthy set-up required. A channel selector switch makes it possible for up to three Soundcast systems to play in the same area, each with different audio material, and with no interference between the systems. This makes Soundcast the ideal choice for apartment living!

When purchasing Soundcast products, please remember you must purchase a transmitter and at least one receiver in order to make a complete system.


The iCast transmitter comes with approved, interchangeable inserts that accommodate different iPod models. Tracking and menu controls operate while the iPod is in the dock and transmitting music to the receiver, and the docking unit serves as a battery charger for the iPod. The iCast receiver also duplicates the pause/play and track forward/track back iPod functions to allow users to operate their music players remotely from another room in the home. All the needed cables and adapters to make hook-up easy are supplied with iCast.

Transmitter and receiver packaged separately.


AudioCast provides the same functionality as iCast for non-iPod devices. With AudioCast, a 3.5mm mini-jack connects any product with a stereo signal output, including portable MP3 players, portable CD players, PCs or home electronics products such as a cassette deck or CD changer, to any audio reproduction system such as a home theatre system or a pair of amplified speakers. It is also possible to connect two AudioCast transmitters to the same audio resource. Each of those transmitters can operate two receivers, allowing the user to make a wireless four-zone audio system with each zone playing the same material. As with iCast, all the connecting cables required are supplied with the units.

Transmitter and receiver packaged separately.