We at Soundcast are incredibly excited about the new Apple iPhone 5 and have received many inquiry's regarding backward compatibility with current Soundcast products. The new iPhone 5 device is based on the all new connector known as the Lightning connector, which is not directly compatible with any existing Apple docks or accessories on the market.

The good news is, Apple is well aware of the millions of Apple compatible devices including the Soundcast iCast which are being used in homes around the world, that will require an adapter to be used with their new iPhone 5. In order to maintain backward compatibility with most of these devices, Apple will be making available special Lightning connector adapters.

Our research with Apple and other parties informs us that this adapter will allow iPhone 5 owners to enjoy their new device with Soundcast products. The Lightning to 30-pin Adapter cable is scheduled to begin shipping from Apple sometime in October.

A number of third-party versions of the Lighting adapter are also becoming available online and via retail channels. We cannot make any compatibility statements about these devices at this time and will publish further information as it becomes available through our testing and validation activities.

In addition to the adapter solution, Soundcast will be exploring support for the iPhone 5 for our current and future products. We greatly respect the innovative spirit of Apple and are happy to be a named Made for Apple partner. Thank you for your support of Soundcast, and we hope you enjoy your new iPhone 5 as you jam along with your Soundcast products.